Beethoven Sonatas, Anton Lyakhovsky

The piano sonata is the genre that is most often described as the workroom of the distinguished symphonist Ludwig van Beethoven. He tested, improved and polished sonatas so as to present unique stylistic ideas and innovative sound techniques which later flourished with much conviction and strength in his masterful opuses. Beethoven composed sonatas throughout his life. The first four were composed in the late 18th century and were released as op. 2, while the last ones were composed five years before the composer’s death, vividly revealing Beethoven’s stylistic metamorphoses and signs of his times. In awaiting the 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven’s birth in 2020, the Latvian Concerts organisation is offering its fans a unique opportunity to hear all of the great man’s piano sonatas, as presented in a special concert series by several pianists who are well known in Latvia. Among them is Anton Lyakhovsky, born in St Petersburg and resident in London. He has won several international competitions. Since receiving the grand prix and the audience sympathy prize at the 5th International Jāzeps Vītols Piano Competition in 2008, Anton has been much beloved by Latvian audiences, mostly performing Russian music when appearing here. We are very much interested in his interpretation of Beethoven’s opuses – the early Third Sonata, the exciting Eighth Sonata (Pathétique), and the medium-period sonata that includes a grief march and was one of the last sonatas that Beethoven composed. It is a masterpiece together with his Ninth Symphony and Missa Solemnis, which the grand master produced when he was already nearly deaf.


Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) 3rd, 8th, 12th and 30th Sonatas


Anton Lyakhovsky, piano

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