Balkansambel and folk ensemble Rozsutec

Balkansambel – Two words blended together, forming the name of the original group of broad- minded musicians, describe not only the subjec- tive of their musical interests but also – through the wordplay – their approach towards music. Playing with music and stylistic of different mu- sic genres, various traditions, different periods of time, blending of musical motives and their conceptualized meanings, the joy from sponta- neous creation spiced with unconventional ap- proach towards musical thinking; all this can be found in the varied repertoire of this band. Even though that Balkansambel draws inspira- tion mainly from the traditional music of Balkan cultures, it deals also with folk, classical and jazz music to a certain extent. Multigenre experience of its members enables them to mix seemingly incompatible musical styles.
Since 1965, Žilina folk ensemble Rozsutec has been masterfully representing the beautiful Slovak folklore. Practically all the most important folk- lore regions of Slovakia are represented in its rich repertoire. The musical, dance and vocal part of this nearly 60-member group of young artists au- thenticaly interprets Slovak folk traditions. It was only a matter of time for these two “ensembles” to connect the original musical speech and energy of Balkan musicians with the temperament of the authentic Rozsutec. We are happy to present you this exceptional project which offers you to ex- perience an original connection of different styles and genres.

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