Born in Latvia

The concertDzimuši Latvijā (Born in Latvia), its participants and programme are a splendid chord amidst the celebrations of the Latvian centenary.

Our people have a dynamic and harsh, yet remarkably destined history. A hundred years ago the Latvian state was born, and the musicians that have been born in Latvia bring its name along with them into the world through their immense talent.

In this concert, we will hear both musicians that have already earned worldwide acclaim as well as those for whom the road to the zenith of fame has only just begun. The opera diva Kristīne Opolais will sing in a duet with the stellar baritone Kalvis Kalniņš. The Emīls Dārziņš music school violinist Daniils Bulajevs will perform with the accordion queen Ksenija Sidorova. Miks Akots from Alsunga will accompany the violin virtuoso Vineta Sareika.

The blossom of this concert will be a specially formed Latvian centenary youth orchestra that will welcome the guests from afar under the leadership of the artistic director of the Komische Oper Berlin, the conductor Ainārs Rubiķis

The orchestra members have lived through an intensive and zealous period of rehearsals preparing the concert programme – Latvian symphonic works in which the audience can catch sounds of the national music as well.

The concert Born in Latviain the Dzintari concert hall on the shore of the Gulf of Riga will open the gates of celebration and will ring in the summer concert life in Jūrmala and welcome musicians whose talents shine around the world like our amber glistens in the Latvian sun.

The concert Born in Latviathrough an LTV recording is an ambassador that tells European nations/culture programmes about the eminences of Latvian classical music.

Dace Micāne-Zālīte



Jānis Mediņš, “Ziedu valsis” no baleta "Mīlas uzvara”
Astor Piazzolla, “Adios Nonino” (Ksenija Sidorova)
Dmitrijs Šostakovičs, “Valsis” Nr.2. (Ksenija Sidorova, Daniils Bulajevs)
Žans Sibeliuss Koncerts vijolei un orķestrim re minorā, Op.47, III daļa (Daniils Bulajevs)
Pēteris Barisons, simfoniskā svīta  “Bērnības rīti” 


Romualds Kalsons 1.daļa Allegro vivaceno no simfoniskās svītas "Gadskārtu ieražu dziesmas"
Moriss Ravels, "Čigāniete”, Rapsodija viljolei un orķestrim (Vineta Sareika)
Astors Pjacolla Cafe 1930 no "Histoire du tango" vijolei un ģitarai (Vineta Sareika un Miks Akots)
Antonio Vivaldi, koncerts ģitārai Do mažorā, I un III daļa (Miks Akots)
Romualds Kalsons 5.daļa Andantino, ma risoluto no simfoniskās svītas "Gadskārtu ieražu dziesmas"
Džoakino Rosīni, Figaro kavatīne no operas "Seviļas bārddzinis" (Kalvis Kalniņš)
Volfgangs Amadejs Mocarts, "La ci darem" no operas "Dons Žuāns" (Kristīne Opolais un Kalvis Kalniņš)
Francis Lehārs "Meine Lippen" no operas "Giuditta" (Kristīne Opolais)
Romualds Kalsons 4.daļa Commodo, poco rubato no simfoniskās svītas "Gadskārtu ieražu dziesmas"


Kristīne Opolais, soprano
Kalvis Kalniņš, baritone
Vineta Sareika, violin
Miks Akots, guitar 
Ksenija Sidorova, accordion
Daniils Bulajevs, violin 
Latvia's Centenary Youth Symphony Orchestra 
Conductor Ainārs Rubiķis

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