Latvian Radio Chamber Singers and Matīss Čudars

It can certainly be said that Matīss Čudars is one of the most talented and diverse Latvian guitarists in the world. His free improvisational spirit interweaves with the ability to get a sense of Baroque music, but also modern opuses, flamenco, rock and roll and jazz. The musician was taught at the Rīga Dome Choir School and the Amsterdam Conservatory of Music, and he is becoming increasingly well known as a composer. This concert will demonstrate the extent to which Matīss is full of fresh and original ideas, because at the centre of the programme are his own compositions. This is music that is devoted to the love of God, with roots from various eras and the work of mystics of various origins. On the evening of June 16, St Peter's Church will be filled with musical prayers, dedications and thanks to God. Čudars was nominated for the Latvian Great Music Prize as musician of the year in 2017, and this evening he will meet once again with conductor Kaspars Putniņš and his Latvian Radio Choir Group. They will be joined on stage by percussionist Ivars Arutjunjans.


Music by Matīss Čudars


Matīss Čudars, guitar
Ivars Arutjunjans, percussions
Latvian Radio Chamber Singers
Conductor Kaspars Putniņš

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