Italian and German Baroque Masterpieces

The Northern Italian master Marco Uccellini enjoyed experimenting with pairing distant tonalities and using rich chromatics, casting great challenges to the performing musicians' skills and technical capabilities. Meanwhile, one of the most celebrated baroque virtuosos - the Austrian violinist Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber was among the first to use scordatura in his performances - he played on unusually tuned instruments, seeking tembrally unique sounds, such as the ones characteristic of his Rosary Sonatas. Arcangelo Corelli is also one of piano virtuoso fame, and he played an important role in the development of tonal and harmonic systems. And alongside the music of these masters, we shall hear the most celebrated giants of Baroque - Johann Sebastian Bach and George Frideric Handel, sure to be recognized by nearly anyone. This vibrant and diverse programme has been developed by true specialists of Baroque music, set to meet on the stage again - our outstanding harpsichordist Ieva Saliete and Dmitry Sinkovsky - the Russian violinist and countertenor who is also no stranger to conducting and is a celebrated laureate of prestigious international competitions.


Johann Sebastian Bach,
Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber,
George Frideric Handel,
Arcangelo Corelli,
Marco Uccellini


Dmitry Sinkovsky, violin
Ieva Saliete, harpsichord


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