Riga Festival. LRBB, LNSO, and Intars Busulis

Intars Busulis and Kārlis Lācis are a striking tandem, characterised by a special creative spark and a wonderful stage presence, as well as the talent of creating and performing emotionally gripping music featuring outstanding Latvian poetry. The wistfully melancholic Brīvdiena (Day Off), the captivating Dejo vientulību (Dance the Loneliness), the nostalgically intense Viss ir iespējams (Everything is Possible) and the romantically intimate Miglas rīts (Misty morning) - these are only some of the songs that will bloom into a lusher and more vibrant sound when Intars Busulis will be joined by the Latvian Radio Big Band and the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra on the stage of the Dzintari Concert Hall. And alongside songs and pages from Lācis’ Latvju simfonija (Latvian Symphony) and music for theatre, we shall also hear beloved jazz standards like Summertime, Night and Day, and When I Fall in Love.

Every concert guest will need to provide an interoperable (machine readable QR code) vaccination, recovery or testing certificate. The certificate must match at least one of the following requirements: a COVID-19 test that is no more than 48h old detecting the SARS-CoV-2 virus RNA and has a negative result, or a SARS-CoV-2 antigen test that is no more than 6h old and has a negative result.
All guests are to wear face masks covering the mouth and nose throughout the duration of the event. Listeners will have fixed, personalised seats. In seats right next to each other can be no more than two persons not from the same household, and no more than four persons from the same household. When leaving their seat, a distance of 2 m between persons must be observed. Guests will also have to present a personal identification document.

Every concert guest will need to provide an interoperable vaccination, recovery or testing certificate, as well as a personal ID.


Intars Busulis, vocals
The Latvian Radio Big Band
The Latvian National Symphony Orchestra
Conductor Kārlis Vanags


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