Opening of the Centennial Year of the Republic of Latvia The Multi-Media Performance

The multi-media performance "Patterns of Light" will tell a contemporary story about where modern Latvians an find strength, about our country in which we create every living moment, and about the cultural breath that we receive from previous generations and translate it into a modern tone that we present to our children.

Set designer Voldemārs Johansons:
"The room for the exhibition is the entire first floor of the Castle of Light, and so the design of the performance involves various objects therein. The environment involves kinetic and portable objects, rays of light, projections of images and the movement of actors. Audience members will be free to choose the place from which they wish to watch the performance."

Director Viesturs Meikšāns:
"Patterns of Light" is a dedication to the next century in Latvia. We want to see Latvia and its people over the next 100 years. These are people who live in a multicultural environment which brings together traditional Latvian lore in the light of traditions and folklore, also accepting an open and global cultural space which includes art in the broadest sense of the word. In musical, spatial and content terms, we will try to create a vivid world in which the main role is played by Latvia's environment and the way in which people perceive and live with it. People are patterns of light that are shaped by nature. We want these patterns to be clear, diverse and vivid."

During the performance there will be no seats, and the audience will move around the hall. 


Music by Jānis Šipkēvics and Mārtiņš Viļums
Lyrics from Latvian folksongs and by Ilmārs Šlāpins
Set design by Voldemārs Johansons
Conductor: Kaspars Putniņš
Director: Viesturs Meikšāns


Jānis Šipkēvics, voice, synthesisers, electronics
Miķelis Putniņš, guitar, electronics
Asnate Rancāne, violin
Guntars Prānis, hurdy-gurdy
Ieva Nīmane, brass instruments
Anda Eglīte, kokle
Samira Adgezalova, actress
Rūta Ronja Pakalne, dancer
Daniela Vētra, dancer
Barbara Lehtna, dancer
Māris Portugālis, dancer
Aviks Parkūrs, dancer
Latvian Radio Choir

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