With exquisite confidence, the Paris-based Quatuor Ébène is able to immerse themselves into the academic music of any era, or become a Jazz ensemble with equal ease. With their seemingly telepathic understanding of each other, charismatic performances, and fresh approach to classical music traditions, Quatuor Ébène is one of the most surprising modern string quartets,which has inspired audiences across the globe; such exchange of energy with the listeners is essential for them. Still before the time of string quartets, Henry Purcell composed fantasias for a family ensemble playing the historical string instrument viol; the mastery of counterpoint in these pieces has been compared to Bach’s The Art of Fugue. In the peak of his year of chamber music, Robert Schumann turned to string quartets, inspired by the chamber achievements of the Vienna classics. György Ligeti also used to turn to the works of his older colleagues for inspiration: in his String Quartet No. 1, he sends a musical greeting to Béla Bartók and his night music. That’s how exquisite the programme of Quatuor Ébène will be in the Autumn Chamber Music Festival!



Henry Purcell Selection of Fantasias 
György Ligeti String Quartet No. 1 (Métamorphoses nocturnes)
Robert Schumann String Quartet No. 1


Pierre Colombet, violin
Gabriel Le Magadure, violin
Marie Chilemme, viola
Raphaël Merlin, cello

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