Charming Paris

‘France... So much has already been said, and so much yet to be told... It is the land where beauty is born. Nature, music, fashion, food, whichever way you look, it is all amazing. France has been inspiring artists for centuries, and it continues to do so. For us, France is an adventure in music, a play of sound, finesse and elegance, infinite color, and passionate yearning, and we have created this program to reflect this,’ say the brilliant duet of violinist Darja Smirnova and pianist Roksana Tarvide. Together, they invite us to imagine summer in this alluring land – ‘iconic Paris, the sleepy riviera, the Burgundy countryside, Bretagne, and the endless horizons of La Manche.’ The musicians will recreate this atmosphere with an interpretation of Debussy’s picturesque Sonata for Violin and Piano and Franck’s emotionally charged music of the late Romanticist period, as well as Parisian Lili Boulanger’s playfully alluring compositions.


Lili Boulanger, Claude Debussy, César Franck


Darja Smirnova, violin
Roksana Tarvide, piano

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