Trio Palladio. Beethoven, Silvestrov and Ratniece

Passion and determination with the characteristic belligerence of Ludwig Van Beethoven’s early music; a delicate lightness and structure in the musical score of Santa Ratniece, as the architectural concept of the entasis is contemplated and converted into sounds; Valentyn Sylvestrov’s theatrical musical hooliganism of the 70s, which came about in the period when the stable elements of life had suddenly flipped polarities and the voice of the heart is silent with confusion - just like today.

Alongside classical values, Trio Palladio always try to provide their listeners with something new and special. And this time, it will be unusual not only for the audience, but for the trio themselves. First, Beethoven with his youthful Trio No. 3, then Santa Ratniece, whose work was created from searching for the secret of the legendary architect Andrea Palladio’s art - and it turns out that this secret is not hidden in stone.

But the musical center of mass in this concert will be the famous Ukrainian composer Valentyn Sylvestrov’s unusual 1971 opus Drama. This will be the first time that it’s performed in Latvia and also the first time that our trio will perform it. In Drama, Sylvestrov has combined a violin sonata, a cello sonata and a trio; it melts the Avant-Garde of the 60s with the later New Simplicity; some parts of this music are immensely technically difficult while others are pure improvisation; and the titular drama is present not only in the music, but also on the stage, which will host not only traditional performance of instruments, but also a whole choreography of movements. These movements have symbolic weight and they contribute to the wordless message. A wider context reveals Drama as the author’s metaphoric journey to finding a new home. After living a decade in the shadow of an apocalypse threat, seeing the dead-end that academic music has reached, and being thrown out of the USSR Composers’ Union, Sylvestrov poses a quiet question - how to continue being? Drama gives no black and white answers, yet Sylvestrow does show a shining light at the end of the tunnel, and has continued showing it since Drama right up to today.” /pianist Reinis Zariņš/


Ludwig van Beethoven - Piano Trio in C minor, Op.1 No.3, Santa Ratniece - Entasis, Valentyn Silvestrov - Drama


Eva Bindere, violin
Kristīne Blaumane, cello
Reinis Zariņš, piano

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