The concert programme Year’s End Saxophone and Percussion Exotic Dances has brought together two bright young talents: the percussionist Reinis Tomiņš and saxophonist, Latvian Grand Music Award laureate Aigars Raumanis. It will not only be an exciting voyage through exotic lands, but also through the diverse world of percussion instruments: with a skillful finesse Reinis will make the hall alive with the sounds of maracas, bongos, djembes, shakers, as well as a marimba and vibraphone, his notes joining the colourful timbre of Aigars’ masterful saxophone performance. The harmonic duo have prepared a programme for the Spīķeru concert hall with compositions from many corners of the world. In Estudio Tongolele, Gabriella Ortiz plays with the rhythms of her native Mexico, whereas Akira Yuyama has fun with the diverse colours of the marimba in his Divertimento; Ney Rosauro magically creates a Brazilian carnival, meanwhile the king of tango Astor Piazzolla touches souls with his bittersweet expression; in his piece Triptyque the French composer Claude Pichaureau balances between fiery energy and the tenderness of a lullaby. The programme wouldn’t be complete without including some Latvian tunes, placing the melodicist Emīls Dārziņš’s Melanholiskais valsis (the Melancholic Waltz) alongside the stylisation master Pēteris Plakidis sketches and even two opuses written just this year: the young composer Diāna Gritāne’s 06.02.2023, dedicated to the victims of the devastating earthquake in Turkey, and the ever-surprising Platons Buravickis’ composition Mīlošas sirds dārdi (The Roaring of a Loving Heart).


Astor Piazzolla, Diāna Gritāne, Jean Françaix, Ney Rosauro, Pēteris Plakidis, Emīls Dārziņš, Platons Buravickis and others


Aigars RAUMANIS, saxophone 
Reinis TOMIŅŠ, percussions

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